Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Christina Blizzard: Not Thinking, So You Don't Have To

Christina Blizzard believes that Dalton McGuinty is to be praised for going against type and not being "wishy-washy" on the "controversial issue" of abortion.

Somehow it never occurred to Christina Blizzard that the only way for a consummate wishy-washer like Dalton McGuinty to disguise his wishy-washery is by taking hard stands on non-issues ... That is, if the book hadn't been closed on abortion ages ago, Dalton McGuinty wouldn't have touched it with a ten foot public opinion poll. So the real story, then, is how abortion ceased, entirely, to be an "issue" in spite of its remaining so "controversial".

What competent journalist wouldn't recognize this?

... Dare we plunge further into this Blizzard of blissful unknowing? What the hell!
  • Christina Blizzard believes that because Dalton McGuinty is one of ten children born to Catholic parents, and because his wife teaches at a Catholic school, that "it would be hard to find a more devout family."
  • Christina Blizzard believes that any "people from different backgrounds, different faiths, different cultures, different traditions" to Roman Catholicism endorse, at the religious, cultural or traditional level, abortion.
  • Christina Blizzard believes that "it is, frankly, shocking, the Pope would make such a provocative statement in this day and age [i.e. that Catholic politicians cease, of themselves, to be Catholics when they sanction abortion]." That is, she believes it shocking that the Pope should prescribe that Roman Catholics follow Roman Catholic doctrine. (And, I hasten to add, face ZERO earthly consequences if they don't.)
  • Christina Blizzard wonders (my emphasis): "What's next? Will the Pope also excommunicate Catholic politicians in jurisdictions that allow gay marriage?"
  • Christina Blizzard even goes so far as to ask "What place does a medieval organization like the Vatican have in a modern multicultural society?" as though she were the first to dare to do so, and as though prominent elements in every conceivable society in every conceivable era for the last two thousand years hadn't asked the same question with regard to their own preferred behaviours, and made far, far more coherent arguments when they did. (Needless to say, never managing to put so much as a dent in the institution.)
Christina Blizzard is, I'm afraid, as ignorant as she is untalented.