Friday, April 13, 2007

Clearcut the Infidel!

I don't deny it ... It's a pretty unimaginative bit of graphic.

But Kevin Potvin--perhaps the most absurd figure in a long long time to appear even on the fringes of mainstream politics--has made it as near as dammit to impossible not to use it.

To wit (via Small Dead Animals):
When we fight to remove Coke machines from our elementary schools, to filter pornographic web sites from our public library computers, to restrict admittance to excessively violent films in our theatres, and to ban cigarette and alcohol advertising from cultural and public events, we are totally of like mind and purpose with the core of Islamist terrorist cells. We fight a common enemy: the cultural products of irresponsible corporations.
... I mean!

(As with the brilliant--but terribly under-appreciated--Co2diak "Reduced Carbon Footprint" Boots ad, this needs to be clicked on for the proper effect. Notice that the swastika appears in autumnal relief, apparently naturally, against the other trees. Imagine that!)