Friday, April 13, 2007

The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

Okay. So the federal Liberals take the line that the federal Conservatives are climate change deniers who are only paying a lip-service to "the science" in a cynical bid to get votes. I get that. But now, apparently, the provincial Liberals have teamed up with Buzz Hargrove and his Merry Proletarians to harangue the federal government for "the insanity of this environmental movement"; they have vowed to employ "strategic voting" to avoid the catastrophe of a green-compliant Conservative majority.


(I hope, Buzz, that's the "strategic voting" of staying home on election day, recognizing that there isn't a single political organization in this country that doesn't have a vested political interest in promising to put you and all your buddies on the dole queue ASAP.)

Oh! And Howard Hampton somehow manages to balance outrage at the province's unwillingness to meet Kyoto standards with outrage at the laying off of 240 brake parts workers in Sudbury because the jobs were outsourced to, yeah you guessed it, Kyoto-immune China. (H/T The London Fog)

God damn! Has deception's web ever gotten itself so tangled so quickly? And so conspicuously? I mean, can it be possible that citizens still think that their public servants are offering them something other than Hareng Rouge sautéed in a thin treacle sauce?