Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's Official: They're Liberals! Paul Martin Liberals!

"I'm not sure the government understood what it just voted," said New Democrat MP Paul Dewar.
Oh yes it bloody did!

I'd just like to make it clear now why I won't be voting Conservative next election. It will not, I repeat not, be because they've gone green--in spite of how utterly ridiculous, for just about every conceivable reason, that move was. It will be, rather, because John Baird had the gonads to say this:
I mean, we can debate language till the cows come home. I think what Canadians want to see is they want to see a plan that sees greenhouse gases go down, not up. And that's what our plan will speak to.
That is, I will not be voting Conservative in the next election because John Baird and Stephen Harper think I'm either so goddamn stupid, or so goddamned unprincipled, that I will allow myself to be persuaded that a transparently cynical and manipulative lie is something other than
a transparently cynical and manipulative lie ... I mean, what? Am I supposed to be impressed by their willingness to fight fire with fire? By their adeptness with the tools of realpolitik? For God's sake, you assholes, this is precisely the kind of contumely that saw the last government into its current, richly deserved, state!

A pox on you weasels! You've cuckolded me and everyone else who ever hoped you might be even a shade bit better than your predecessors.