Monday, June 04, 2007

Warren's Tangled Web of Whine

June 4, 2007 � To the three folks who have asked: why do I consider Maclean�s Chris Selley so contemptible? Because he links to bigots who promote that old anti-Semitic canard, the "kosher tax"; a woman who calls for genocide in Africa; and another guy who calls himself a "bigot". He�s a tit, in other words. And I still don�t understand why Adam hired him.
Well, tits are wonderful things. Aside from their aesthetic virtues, they are marvelously functional too. Which, I guess, is a lot like Chris Selley. So, fair enough Warren. And, indeed, how serendipitous that you should use this type of analogy when I was just thinking what a complete asshole you are.

Can I just ask, though, that if your criteria for titishness is met simply by linking to "bigots", why is your first link there to a thread posted by white supremacists?

Not fair? Then, how's about this?

Penny dropping? No? If you look closely, you'll notice that My Blahg appears in your blogroll. (It doesn't anymore, of course, but it did.) That's the blog belonging to Robert McClelland; the guy you accused a while back of posting "some of the most offensive -- and stridently anti-Semitic -- material in the Canadian blogosphere." You know the guy: you now include him in the Top Ten Jerks list on your website:
Robert McClelland - Robert McClelland - NDP blogger who writes "fuck the Jews" on his web site, and defends the use of the word "nigger". Single-handedly demeans the Dippers by breathing. Suspicion remains that he is a Red Deer Canadian Alliance member working undercover to sabotage the entire Canadian Left.
... And when did Mr. McClelland make that first slur you mention? Why, in May of 2004! And yet he appears on your blogroll more than a year later! Are we to understand that you endorsed Mr. McClelland's apparent anti-Semitism all that time? Do I risk something by linking to you, who have linked to "bigots" who have "promoted" anti-Semitism?



Some fascinating scrutiny of Warren's malice from Jay Currie.


Not to mention the man himself.