Thursday, March 08, 2007

Re-Revealing the Faith

Michael Ingham, the Anglican Bishop of New Westminster (or: The Twilight Zone, as I like to think of it), is absolutely staggered that God has failed so utterly in recognizing His own obsolescence:
[Ingham] said the church has mis- understood references to homosexuality in the Bible, wasted energy in persecuting individuals who have argued for a new understanding of sexuality, and failed to comprehend how much the Bible and church doctrines have been shaped through the lens of male experience.
Honestly, when are Christians going to recognize that the Bible is the last place they should be going to for direction? The deposit of faith? Not worth its weight in arse muffins until Evelyn Fox Keller is made Archbishop of Canterbury and Michel Foucault is canonized.

... You get the impression Ingham might have misread the first O in vocation as an A, on that terrible terrible day when he decided to become a druid, er, priest.


ADDENDUM (March 13th)

For a fairly comprehensive debunking of Bishop Ingham's claim that Christianity is in need of "a better theology of sexuality", see this post on the (delightfully named) site Magic Statistics.