Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Latest Fashions from Scientism & Co.

The London Fog's Mapmaster puts the Climate Change hysteria rather succinctly thus:
It would seem that even memory has become an engineering project these days. To those whose memories do extend ten, twenty, forty or sixty years in the past and not in the immediate domain of the media's suggestion, weather is no more remarkable now than it has ever been. The difference is that a context has been supplied within which every storm, every front, every high or low, every occurrence can be remarked… and it is. So the media giveth, and so the media taketh away the statistic that is critical both to their stories and to guaranteeing their position to suggest the answers to the questions they generously put in our mouths: "But what action? And which sacrifices?"
... And to bait his frustrations the more I should like to add the evidence of these infallible findings.

I expect that you too will be surprised to discover that, not only was climatology an established and thriving science in the 8th century (its observations dutifully recorded and preserved by various of the Meteorologine order of monks), but the carbon emissions produced by the industry of that early medieval period were at least as considerable as ours.

Live and learn.