Friday, January 16, 2009

Canada's Inferior Citizens

As though it isn't bad enough that everybody in the entire world isn't granted automatic Canadian citizenship at the moment of their births, the government has gone and made things even more fascist:
Proposed federal regulations unveiled in mid-December seek to prevent children born to or adopted by Canadians outside the country from passing citizenship on to their children if they also are born abroad.
Swear to God, dude! Your foreign-born, adopted kid is chllin' in Saudi for a decade or whatever, squeezes off a nipper of his own there, and it won't be considered a Canadian citizen! Can you imagine?!

Donald Galloway, UVIC immigration law professor, best captures the terrible injustice of this new regulation:
"You now have to worry about where your kids are born."
Honestly! It's like we're living in the Dark Ages! (Or, anyway, just about any country other than Canada in the 21st century that is inhabited by responsible adults!)