Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Whinging has been light in this space and might very well continue to be so for a bit. So if ever there was a time to catch up on your EMG and EMG, now's it!

Who and who, did I hear you ask?

You've never heard of EMG and EMG?! The lo-fi/low-rent Odd Couple?! That inscrutable pair of do-nothings, described variously as "... the dumb one and the angry one ..." by Kevin Grace of The Ambler, as "... erm, thanks for sharing, but ..." by Nicholas Packwood of Ghost of a Flea, and as "... ..." by Jay Currie?

Yes, that EMG and EMG!

The Acceptable Usage and The Movement are the most recent episodes. The rest can be found in the sidebar under the 'zazzy heading "EMG's audiotainment archive".

Très pants, bitches!