Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting around Prop 8

These chaps are going about this all wrong.

Rather than pushing for the redefinition of marriage, what they want to do is start modest. Get a movement going to redefine some other word--say "apple"--to mean 'a legally recognized personal union entered into by a man and a woman.'

Hardly a biggy, what with the definition itself still being intact. Only crazies would make a fuss over that.

Then what you want to do is raise a big stink about how the state of California refuses homosexuals apples!

Don't think it'll work? Well, here: you ever ask a person to explain to you the word "equality"? (You know: that word that has entered so disproportionately into the conversations of just about everyone and their grandmother. At a guess, I'd say you hear it used, or use it yourself, no less than 3 times a day--to match your daily intake of apples, perhaps!) Did you notice, when you did, that for some reason they gave you the definition of "equity"?

How'd that happen?

This is totally doable, folks.