Friday, November 28, 2008

Of odd moves

Strange? Yeah. Jay Currie's got a theory though:

PM: How bad is it, Jim?
JF: Ugly. Not so ugly in most of Canada, horrible in Ontario.
PM: Suggestions?
JF: Well, other than diverting a few of Bernanke’s helicopters. Not much. Problem is that unlike the rest of the world we have a functioning banking system and a relatively small national debt. If we start pumping money in all we’ll do is make the debt bigger and create inflation.
PM: But the Opposition keeps demanding bailouts. Our own guys want us to be seen as “doing something”.
JF: Sure. We won the election and all.
PM: No we didn’t. That’s the Hell of it. We picked up a few seats.
JF: We’ll get our majority next time.
PM: Not if next time is on the other side of a full scale 15% unemployment recession.
JF: Not going to happen.
PM: You know that, I know that, but the Toronto Star is howling for deficits right now! You know Jim, it might not have been a bad idea to have lost the last election by a few seats and let Stephane carry the can.
JF: Well that could be arranged…
PM: How Jim, tell me how.

Angry opposition parties holding coalition talks