Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The calculated assault on tradition

The Flea, re. this:

To be clear: This is Year Zero stuff. Human rights commissions in Canada have nothing to do with human rights. Human rights commissions in Canada are a calculated assault on tradition. The idea is to erase the small pleasures that define us as human beings such that the ensuing void of soul may be filled up with whatever fashionable lies suit our political and cultural establishments (including our supposed conservative political establishment). I still rage at the thought of the forced imposition of metric and weep for my ancestors at the thought of small businesses in Quebec hounded by the language police. This is why. This is where it starts. This is where we give permission.

It is not that we are barrelling down a very slippery slope (though we are). It is that whole generations have made their way through a "university" education knowing nothing of their country's history, its basic political structure or the principles upon which it was founded and built. They have no formal grasp of basic English grammar. They do not know a word of Latin. They cannot name a single French painter or Italian composer or German philosopher. They are made know nothings. They have no pole star and consequently are at the mercy of whatever flickering lamp of evil is held aloft by some ascetic priest.

If God did not exist still our days would be the better for thanking Him. Now Her Majesty's servants are forbidden from praising the source of Her sovereign power and the justification for our country's constitution. But with Orwell's nightmare made manifest, our bureaucracy is above all that and has made a god of itself.

This has to stop or there will be nothing left of us.