Friday, May 09, 2008

Big Tobacco ... Gouge

National Post columnist John Ivison is, of course, very amusing in his analyses of the government's ineffectual attempts at curbing the contraband tobacco trade--but I'm having a lot of trouble getting past the numbers here:
Stockwell Day launched a new contraband tobacco control strategy yesterday that could only work in Canada: He appealed to Canadians to please, please drive past smoke shacks selling 200 cigarettes in clear, plastic resealable bags for as little as $6 and instead fork over $75-$90 for legal cartons.
Wait a second ... You're telling me that somebody can sell a carton's worth of cigarettes for six bones and still make a profit? You're telling me that, like, 90% of the price of a pack of non-contraband cigarettes is tax?

Sorry, but are we absolutely certain who the criminals are here?