Monday, April 21, 2008

Sticks, Stones, N-words

I find this a little ironic. Only a little, mind. But still.

We read that two idiots were visiting Montreal last weekend and, apparently, they hurled a couple of racial epithets at a group of black men.

At this point the nationalized Canadian conscience (that seeks to replace my own) screams emphatically in my ear that there's a grave risk--when men such as these are allowed to use words such as that--that an epidemic of racism shall break out. That the mere mention of such as the n-word will move the masses to fits of likely violent discrimination against persons of colour; indeed, against all those of minority status in this country.

What the nationalized Canadian conscience fails to do is explain to me how Curly and Mo there proceeded to get their heads beaten in by a righteously enraged mob.

Behold the court of public opinion!--its remorseless fists!--and tell me that Canadians are not zealous enough in their hatred of, erm, hatred.