Monday, May 05, 2008

The View from Cloud Cuckoo Land

Ghomeshi strikes again!
Whatever your politics, [Barack Obama's] inspiration to the Jay-Z generation is unarguable.
Oh. My. God. How the ef did this make it into print?!

I mean: whatever your politics?! How do you figure, Jian? ... The sentence somehow manages to be both preposterous and utterly meaningless all in one go.

And why is it any less impressive that other politicians appeal to the various non-Jaz-Z generations? Because those generations, by comparison, tend to be informed, educated, intelligent, cultured? If Barack Obama had widespread appeal amongst the illiterate, the incarcerated, the pre-pubescent, and the lobotomized should we then, whatever our politics, also be impressed?

(Stupid question ... And for the sake of my sanity, don't answer. Please don't answer!)
If Obama loses the nomination in the coming days or weeks, the loss won't be tragic for him. But it might be for those millions of newcomers inspired to give organized politics and participation a try.
You'll forgive me, Jian, if--when this happens (God willing)--I consider it a good thing. Even if a frighteningly close one.