Sunday, May 04, 2008

Release Barabbas!

I read with great amusement this story in this weekend's National Post:

There is a Bible on a pedestal in Gretta Vosper's West Hill United Church in Toronto. She would prefer it did not have a special place, she said, because it is just a book among other books. In a similar way, the cross that is high above the altar has no special meaning, but there are a few older congregants for whom the Bible and the cross are still nice symbols so there they remain.

Though an ordained minister, she does not like the title of reverend. It is one of those symbols that hold the church back from breaking into the future -- to a time "when the label Christian won't even exist" and the Church will be freed of the burdens of the past. To balance out those symbols of the past inside West Hill, there is a giant, non-religious rainbow tapestry just behind the altar and multi-coloured streamers hang from the ceiling.

No denying it, that rainbow tapestry is far from religious ... It might be the tiniest bit political though.

One wonders if Gretta Vosper also looks forward to a day when kitchens will have evolved beyond their function in the preparation of food?


The image comes courtesy of The London Fog.