Saturday, April 05, 2008

Think More. Alice Digs It.

Alice the Camel re. "knuckledraggers":
Let's talk about Jane Taber (on Duffy) & now Robert Fife's argument that Tom Lukiwski was 40 years old at the time he made his comments about gays. Let's talk about the idea that because he was 40 years old "his views were set".

17 years ago THE ENTIRE NATION'S views weren't set about homosexuality.
17 years ago gay marriage wouldn't have passed in parliament.
17 years ago you wouldn't have lost your business or been hauled to the Human Rights Commission for not renting your Catholic hall to a gay couple for their wedding or a room in your bed and breakfast home, for that matter.

The entire nation was different 17 years ago.

17 years ago we were ALL beginning the process of societal molding that we see evident now and it's a little rich to expect one Tom Lukiwski to be farther than any of the rest on his journey of enlightenment.
It seems to me that Lukiwski's greatest offence was to comedy, not homosexuals.

But I preferred it when bigotry was the provenance of people who used words like faggot and thought it was funny. At least they weren't under any illusions that they were urbane.