Thursday, April 03, 2008

Judas Complains: Hell "Worse than Hell"

So upset was James Guglielmin that his fellow TTC employees were sneaking smokes indoors rather than trekking out to the property boundary, that he smuggled a video camera into his place of work and secretly filmed them doing so.

No doubt Mr. Guglielmin was well within his rights so to do (I mean, God forbid any tobacco smoke befoul the pristine and only exhaust-filled air of the Harvey Shops). But what really soaks my cigarette about this guy is that he has the gonads to then complain, publicly, that he is being "ostracized and treated with disdain by some employees." You snitch on these guys (there's no other word for it, Jim) and then, what?, you expect to be thanked for it? You expect a prize, is it?

Well, given what passes for courage these days, no doubt Mr. Guglielmin will be awarded the Governor General's Medal of Bravery in next year's list ... But one wonders: if the man considers a bit of richly deserved ostracism "worse than hell," how is he gonna handle real Hell?