Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Great Flavours of Our Age

People who feign disbelief at the CBC's ever having hired George Stroum- boulopoulos and commissioning his show, The Hour, are being disingenuous.

If they loathe the man so much then it is rather more than likely that they are rational creatures, and that they are provided with good imaginations (as evinced by their ability to envisage a culturally rich world without Strombo or The Hour), and they are thus precluded from the type who didn't, immediately, piece it together in his mind's eye when he first heard the news:

A gathering of 30-something producers around the corner from 250 Front St. sometime in 2004, Flirtini-fuelled, pillaging their collective creative resources for an answer to the question ... The question of which hip "young" thing could be found to balance the incisive, intellectual, statesmanlike and, ultimately, just too conservative face given to the Mother Corp by such as Evan Solomon.

Of course they should've chosen Strombo!

Anyway, so, Robert Cushman has a rather good piece about the man and the show in today's Post, and it's worth the read.

He recommends this to watch which, actually, he is quite right to do:

And no, it should make no difference that this was also produced by the CBC. Odds were that something of quality had to come out of all that subsidizing.