Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Lord of the Flies

Clearly unfazed by rumours that he is as mad as a balloon, Roméo Dallaire offered this justification of the proposed repeal of section 43 of the Criminal Code:
If I wrote with my left hand, the brothers smashed me with a ruler because God didn't want me to write with my left hand.
Oookaaayyy. Any chance you were going to say something about the repeal of section 43 of the Criminal Code? No? Or, sorry, that was what you wanted to say? But section 43 is the one that provides for the use of reasonable force by adults towards children; not crazy force ... Still no?--

Here Senator Jim Munson takes over from the (now gently weeping) General:
There is no such thing as reasonable force. You either hit a child or you don't hit a child.

That's it, is it? Okay. So chalk up one non sequitur and one tautology for the Honourable members.

And I'll be sure to remind you chaps of this when a feral eight year old belts the pair of you in your fast-withering dangly bits, while his parents stand idly by, spouting some existential rubbish to the effect that while the child didn't have to punch you in your nuts, he did, and that at least his illiteracy expresses itself with the left hand.