Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So small c they should be called the Onservative Party of Canada

On an eleven by four inch piece of cardstock that I received in the mail last week, I learned the following (and only the following) about the CPC candidate in my riding:
Raised and educated in North Toronto, Heather [Jewell] is married to Tom Rudman, an award-winning Canadian designer.

Heather earned a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology, at Glendon College, the French-language campus of York University.

A vegetarian and long-time supporter of certified organic farming practices, Heather is passionate about the promise of health-promoting practices such as naturopathy and homeopathy.

In a leadership role at Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting, Heather cultivated commercial partnerships with business throughout Canada. She is proud of her accomplishments as the Director of the Closed Captioning Department, where she managed the CRTC closed captioning license requirements for 13 different specialty television channels. Heather's job was to ensure full accessibility and the highest possible level of service to hearing-impaired viewers.

Heather has been a Conservative activist since her youth and served as a Conservative candidate in the 2004 federal election. She is a compassionate and knowledgeable person who is determined to help people and encourage opportunity throughout St. Paul's and Canada.
Them's some progressivist bona fides, what? Right down to the Conservative activism ... Not certain why Ms. Jewell didn't spare the ink and dead trees and just print "Don't worry, I'm not really a conservative!"

So I will be spoiling my ballot today, I'm afraid. I shall do so by printing the following across it: End 13(1).