Friday, October 10, 2008

The procedure that dares not speak its name

Henry Morgentaler, C.M.
Toronto, Ontario

Henry Morgentaler has had a major impact on Canadian public policy. A Holocaust survivor, he has not hesitated to put himself at risk in his determined drive to increase health care options for Canadian women. He has been a catalyst for change and important debate, influencing public policy nationwide. He has heightened awareness of women’s reproductive health issues among medical professionals and the Canadian public. He is a respected volunteer who has held leadership roles in humanist and civil liberties organizations, and is the recipient of a number of national and international awards.

So we've got "Holocaust survivor," and a willingness "to put himself at risk." Even a mention of his "heightened awareness of women's reproductive health issues"--it's a superpower, in case you were wondering ... But nowhere any clue as to what it is the man does.

Curious. I would've thought we'd be shouting it from the rooftops along with the rest of our creed. Beauty! L'espoir! Vérité! Trust! Joy! 'Bortion!