Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Inalienable Right to Choose between Carthage and the Gulag

A smattering of items today on the theme of secular evangelism:

Apparently the Diocese of Melbourne is making great leaps forward in recognizing that 'there [are] circumstances, especially foetal abnormality, when abortion [is] "the least problematic solution".' ... Honestly. How does that line go again? Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven ... Unless, of course, the least problematic solution would be to top them. Say, if they're retards or whatever.


Archdeacon Alison Taylor, one of the diocese's all-woman committee recommending to the Victorian Law Reform Commission that abortion be decriminalized, qualified her position thus:
The knee-jerk reaction is to make the legislation very restrictive, but the way you reduce abortions is with contraception and sex education. The other thing is to support families — we need to be a pro-child society with a pro-child government.
For the days when sophistry was actually sophisticated! ... Were you under the impression that the knee-jerk reaction would be to make the legislation very restrictive, Ms. Taylor? Really?! I don't think you've been reading very closely your copies of Vogue, then. But I guess when knee-jerkery is understood to be a uniquely conservative thing (and, indeed, a uniquely bad thing), then it's rather difficult to impress upon such as Ms. Taylor the full spectrum of types capable of wielding a reflex hammer. (Bloody awful metaphor. Sorry about that.)

(h/t Alice the Camel)

And this, via Mapmaster of The London Fog:
Catholic Insight magazine has been advised by the Canadian Human Rights Commission that a "human rights" complaint has been filed against it for … well, essentially for being overtly Catholic.

As Paul Tuns notes, you're not likely to see much or any press coverage over this latest human rights crusade since Catholic Insight is just not the press' kind of press.
Onward Comtian Soldiers!