Saturday, December 22, 2007

Greetings SDA Readers!

Well, as I can see from my bursting statcounter, I've been plugged by Kate McMillan at Small Dead Animals. At last!

Hello like-minded folk! Delighted to have you. Sorry that Warren Kinsella had to be the reason for our meeting.

A quick word about me:

I, probably like you, am a conservative. (I should prefer to think of myself as a philosophical conservative, but I have enough sense to recognize that this is not only pretentious, it is impractical. That said, I am no partisan.) I--perhaps like you, but not necessarily--am also a Christian. Of the small "c" catholic variety (that is, I'm an Anglican who has a sneaking suspicion he shall die a Roman). I am strongly committed to free speech; I am even more strongly committed to informed and articulate free speech--the current deficit of both I blame on the travesty of Human Rights Commissions, the abysmal state of education and, of course, Warren Kinsella ... I believe that there are such things as objective values, as indeed do I believe that there are objective truths. I love irony, but am sick to death of its abuse by sneering, left-liberal intellectuals. I hate Richard Rorty.

I should say too that I am devoted to tobacco in all its forms, and consider its treatment by society a unique indicator of the greater evils besetting us; it seems to me to be the canary in the coal mine of our freedoms.

... So there you are. If you're interested in the treatment of such things as these I hope that you'll come by again. Warren certainly will--but that's not much of an incentive, is it? (Indeed, I wonder where the man manages to find the time to raise his family when he spends so much of it here. A most perplexing mystery.)