Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Talentless Mr. Kinsella

Well, we could hardly expect that Warren Kinsella's slow but inexorable descent into obscurity was going to go without some grim display of unmanly protest. Recently we were treated to the spectacle of his turning on Ezra Levant, which, I expect, must've been deliciously entertaining to any of you who profess a liking for this sort of thing. I had to look away, myself.

But he's after Chris Selley again. The sad proof, my friends, that the abused always kick downwards*--particularly when they sense that those beneath them aren't likely to be there for long. Oh, how Mr. Selley's talent must gall a consummate hack and fraud like Warren Kinsella!

Here's what he says:

I don't know him, and he really dislikes me. That's the blogosphere, etc. Whatever. I send him my very best wishes in this joyous holiday season.

And I read him sometimes, I admit. But, even by his usual standards, Chris Selley - who regularly pumps in his column for conservatives who have said nice things about his blog - deserves a spanking for his latest posting. Therein, he seems to mock Barbara Hall for opposing anti-Asian violence, without quite having the guts to come out and say it. Then, in the same posting, he ridicules human rights folks for having the temerity to receive a complaint about Maclean's magazine - without quite having the honesty to come out and say it employs him.

Oh, and on his web site, he still promotes links to a loser who writes articles about "the kosher tax," and another one who says "F**k The Jews." And one who says he is a bigot. And, naturally, the Small-Brained Animal, who defends Nazis.

Swell guy. He has a promising career ahead of him in journalism. I guess.
(God! What do those first two sentences mean?!)

And here's the post to which he is referring:

Barbara Hall says: "Stereotyping any one community by assuming that certain people are more likely to commit illegal activity is not only wrong, it’s against the law."

She's wrong, surely. Right? "Assuming that certain people are more likely to commit illegal activity" can't possibly be illegal unless and until one acts upon said assumption—say, by running a pickup off the road because it's full of Chinese-looking people you assume committed some sort of angling infractions. No, wait—that's illegal no matter what you thought they did. Hmm. Am I allowed to think a Saudi is more likely to be a terrorist than a Bermudan?

Oh, our wacky HRCs. Perhaps while Hall is clarifying her bizarre comment, she can explain why Maclean's should face sanction for excerpting a bestselling book even as the Toronto Public Library system lends out 72 copies of the entire friggin' thing for free.

You'll notice, first and foremost, the quality of prose and argument here as in direct contrast with Warren's. You'll notice too that Selley is right--absolutely, and without question, right--about Barbara Hall being wrong. As for this business of Selley's not declaring interest re. the Maclean's affair: there isn't a person who reads Tart Cider who doesn't know that the reason why that website has been sitting mostly idle the last year+ is because Selley's efforts have been focussed on Megapundit. Posts wherein this has been made abundantly clear can be found here.

As for this ludicrous nonsense about linking to Kevin Grace, Robert McClelland, Jay Currie, and Kate McMillan ... Well, I'm friends with the first and third of these, so I guess any defense I can muster for them is worthless. But I find Warren's repeated attacks on Mr. McClelland for his notorious "fuck the Jews" post truly staggering ( ... a notorious, and notoriously misunderstood post, I hasten to add, though I'm no fan of Mr. McClelland). As I've pointed out before, Warren Kinsella linked to My Blahg in his blogroll for a full year after the post went up (see left margin of this).

And anyway, it seems to me that there are a number of Warren's colleagues at the National Post who also link to these people. Colby Cosh links to three of them. And to Tart Cider. What's in store for him, I wonder? But, oh yes! The rule is that the abused kick downwards. Nearly forgot.


ADDENDUM (December 23rd)

Of note from the comments at Small Dead Animals, this:
There is no racist like one who capitalizes in race politics...And there is no bigot like the one who evaluates everything in terms of race.