Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Irwin Coddler

Leave it to Irwin "Democratic Exercise" Cotler to aid our man David Miller in his ongoing mission to side-track the problem of gun violence in Toronto to such a point of obscurity that it no longer need be his responsibility ... I don’t think the Mayor could be any more chuffed with himself than he must be now; now that we've effectively buried the grim reality of actual and consistent murder under an avalanche of beside-the-point nitpicking and self-righteousness about gun laws and the so-called "culture of prevention."

With regard to his decision not to strengthen existing gun laws in aid of the crisis, Cotler says, "Toronto has really taken important steps, not only to have more police but to develop community relationships ... I think you will begin to see measurable success." Is that the success that saw a 23 year old, that was arrested for gun possession, out on bail in May, only to be arrested again last Sunday on 14 weapons and drug related charges, Mr. Cotler? Well, that's the problem of the courts, he says, not of the law. Bail reform is what you're really on about and that’s not my problem ... Okay, then why the hell are we talking to you?!

Honestly! Why the high-profile sideshow? Bail reform, bail reform, bail reform! Get on it, media! Get on it, citizens! Get on it, Miller! Need it be said that people are dying while you dicker about with Irwin Cotler for no conceivable reason? Did we really need the Attorney General to point out to us that it is not justice but the administration of justice that is the real problem here?

Well, yes. We did, as a matter of fact. Because he served another, far more important purpose: to cheerlead this—if not hopelessly nebulous—than just hopelessly hopeless idea of a “culture of prevention.” Which, thus far, consists of “youth training initiatives” by “the federal and provincial governments, the business community and labour.” Right. Because we all know that the disenfranchisement and violent predisposition of today’s youth comes of their not being focused enough on making money—to spend on fast cars, good drugs, and illegal guns. The Goodwill and IBM will surely fill that gap.

Nevermind the fact that the generation concerned has had every ideal its parents found worthy of their dedication (at the expense of self-interest) cast-aside as value-relative humbuggery; nevermind the systematic emasculation and vilification of the city’s police force; nevermind the fact that the Mayor himself is so deprived of a sense of even middling leadership that he can find absolutely no reason whatsoever to set foot in any of the affected communities … Let’s just give these otherwise harmless young people some good, solid, minimum-wage work to teach them what it is to be responsible. What it is to be worthy of respect.