Thursday, August 25, 2005

Out of the Mouths of Babes and Suckers

Not even poor old Anne McLellan can get behind David Miller's absurd southward deflection of blame for the gun problem in Toronto. She says (and almost completely coherently!), "Sometimes people easily blame the United States for a [sic] smuggling of guns. That too is a simplistic response." Ouch! Beware, Miller! She'll split her infinitives with a relish unmatched by many in the public forum (…and that’s saying something)! She'll insert indefinite articles where they have absolutely no business being! But you, sir, remain to be the simplisticker!

Paul Martin (though, I think, by accident) delivers the proverbial coup de grâce on the matter. He says, "The government is doing everything within its power to both halt smuggling and deal with the issue." Notice how 'smuggling' and 'the issue' are mutually exclusive categories.

Of course, naive-hope springs eternal that people will stop talking about the gun problem and start talking about the violence problem. For the love of God—before Warren Kinsella starts blubbering again!