Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes and suckers

This year marks the 150th an- niversary of the Catholic Children's Society (West- minster) and the Mass was an opportunity to look forward, taking the theme of "Faith in the Future".

Children were invited to write a word on a paper brick which represented what they would like to change about the future.

One child said "fam
ily" another said "hope" and another "trust" and another "justice". The bricks were used by the children to build a wall before the altar, which was designed to symbolise the foundations their faith provides for the building of their future and the future of the world.
So, wait a second. These (very clichéd) children want to change family, hope, trust and justice? That's not quite right, is it?

Something dicky with the phrasing of the question, I think. And anyway, from a Catholic perspective I should've said that the little swots had already got their wish: the concepts of family, hope, trust and justice have all been irrevocably changed.

As has, apparently, the proper object of faith.

h/t Orwell's Picnic



It just occurs to me: these words were written on "paper bricks"? Paper bricks? Indeed.