Thursday, April 09, 2009

That being said ...

Now I know that I've said a lot of mean things about Jian Ghomeshi in this space, but credit where credit's due: the guy handles himself pretty bloody outstandingly in the face of this sulking, beetle-browed prima donna:

Pretty impressive--as I'm fairly certain that if I was in Jian's shoes I would've been incoherent with terror. Hell, I'm fairly certain I would've been crying.

Still ... If, say, I wasn't a congenital coward, and found myself in Jian's shoes, I imagine being a little less restrained:

BBT: Would you say that to Tom Petty?

EMG: Would I say that to Tom Petty? Sorry, Tom Petty? As in Tom Petty?

BBT: Would you--

EMG: Sorry! Sorry! If I can just interrupt: are you comparing yourself to Tom fuckin' Petty?!

BBT: You--

EMG: I tell you what, you jumped-up Jed Clampett, why don't you just get the hell out of my studio!

BBT smacks microphone away from face. Rises (with some difficulty) from chair.

EMG: Yeah! Off you go, fella. And try not to let the door smack the toupee off your wattled amateur head on the way out. [calling into hallway] And I think I'm gonna fill the next ten minutes of air--that nobody would've bothered paying attention to if I hadn't mentioned your goddam Hollywood credentials--with a little Tom Petty!

... Five minutes later I'd be kicking myself for failing to point out that even Billy Bob's little act here was stolen.