Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Coffee Cream (or Patching the Fourth Wall)

It's been some time since one of my EMG and EMG segments, but well worth the wait I think you'll find. In this episode, our heroes explore the untamed limits of their artificial world and come back, perhaps bowed, certainly bloody, but not broken. A searing indictment--even if I do say so myself--of the attitude which excuses creative laziness by calling it postmodern.

(Click the image, press play. Repeat for part two.)

Notice a few things: that this episode comes in two parts, that there is musical accompaniment (i.e. opening, intermission, and envoi), and that there's a good deal more by way of sound effects. The first and third of these are explained by the fact that there is rather more action in this than in previous episodes. The second: because it seems to work, and I had a hankering to do so (album and band info. and a downloadable version of the song in full can be found here)--I shall likely include music in future episodes too.

Be sure, by the way, to familiarize yourself, if you haven't already done so, with others of EMG and EMG's adventures via the archive in the sidebar (entitled EMG's Audiotainment Archive).

Total run-time is just under 13 minutes, so pour yourself something.

(Language warning: a little light cussing in this one. Only one f-bomb I think.)