Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Owning his caricature--but not quite getting it

Chris Selley, at Macleans.ca's Megapundit, draws our attention to Jian Ghomeshi's most recent fit of self-parody:
A rather senior colleague has asked us to write about Jian Ghomeshi’s column in today’s National Post, in which 25 per cent of Moxy Früvous says he’s “aspiring to become a caricature of myself.” It seems Mr. Ghomeshi was recognized on the streets of London—England, you know—by an “attractive young” Canadian named Diane, who professed admiration for his television work, but later conceded she may have only seen Shaun Majumder make fun of him on This Hour Has 22 Minutes ... [S]eeing how much people seem to like the caricaturized Ghomeshi, he’s thinking about adopting the mannerisms. “Owning your caricature,” he says. “That’s the future.”
Mr Ghomeshi perhaps fancies that this isn't so much self-parody as it is a kind of über-chictellectual meta-self-parody. Alas, no, as Selley points out:
If you find yourself just an iPhone purchase, a few fist bumps and a lame catchphrase away from the grotesquely caricaturized TV version of yourself, then perhaps the goal of becoming a caricature of yourself has already been largely attained.
You'll notice too that yours truly was given a plug at Megapundit re. this Ghomeshi blighter. Does this, then, make EMG a mainstream flavour? Alas again! Not according to Sitemeter. (Think of humble admissions such as this as my way of owning the infinitesimally small place in space and time which I occupy. That's the future!)