Friday, March 07, 2008


Has anybody else noticed that those on the right side of history tend, too too often, not only to be illiterate, but simple? Now don't get me wrong: being a true democrat I do not hold their illiteracy or their simpletonhood against them. They are entitled to their opinions, and they are entitled to give them voice. I just wonder how it is that the toxic combination of those two things seems to qualify the sufferers, in the collective consciousness, for positions of authority.

Case in point:

Meet Nadia Bello, the 29 year old trustee for Ward 22, Scarborough East. Marvel at her quest for "learning beyond a wider scope"! Furrow your brow at her identification of skepticism as an emotion! Revel in her coining of the phrase "incidentally enough"!

... This is not an egalitarian society, it is a worship of middle- stumpers society.