Monday, November 19, 2007

In Ingham's Image

Bishop of New Westminster, Michael Ingham, excels himself.

From the man who, independent of the entire Anglican Communion and in direct defiance of Church doctrine (and roughly two millennia's worth of tradition), gave his diocese the power to bless same-sex unions; from the man who declares that the Church has been wrong for centuries in matters of homosexuality, masturbation, and abortion, this:
Centuries of Christian tradition as well as many of the Church’s Canons (church bylaws) provide that there is just one bishop in charge in a diocese, he said. Otherwise the order of the church is undermined, confusion reigns, and the church can be diverted from its work of community outreach and care for parishioners.
(Remarks, it should be said, made over the prospect of ordinations being performed within his diocese that did not receive his permission.)

The gall of the heretic! Complaining of fleas after so much time lying with dogs. Did he himself not say that ''the word of God is a person not a text,'' that "Scripture [is not] a fax from heaven." Well hell, Mike, if Scripture isn't a fax from heaven then what can be said of Canon Law, except that in this case it's being faxed from your office ... Oh! I see!

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