Friday, October 26, 2007

Boy Cries Wolf

What to make of James Loney?
James Loney, who was held by militants in Iraq, says a Catholic-organized peace conference in Winnipeg rescinded his invitation to speak because of his sexual orientation.


Loney said the situation has parallels with his time as a hostage in Iraq, when his sexual orientation was kept secret out of concern that if his captors knew, it could have further endangered his life.

"That was a very clear example of the violence of homophobia, of having to be invisible and silent," he said. "This feels very similar to that. It's an act of silencing and making me invisible as a gay person, and only because of that." (CBC)

Huh?! I'm sorry, James, but could you repeat that line about being "invisible and silent" again--I don't think the national media quite got it all. And smile for the camera this time, why don't you? One question: if the Archdiocese of Winnipeg is being compared to insurgent Islamist murderers then who, I wonder, is supposed to be playing Tom Fox in all of this? You, James?