Monday, October 22, 2007

Nothing Coming From Nothing

I thought this both sad and hysterically funny:

Tomorrow afternoon at 3 p.m., Ms. Shephard and the grieving mothers and relatives who make up U-MOVE (United Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere) want Torontonians to shout, honk their car horns and generally make a ruckus to help halt violence in the city.

"We're asking everyone to stop for a minute, a minute of noise," Ms. Shepard said at a news conference where Mayor David Miller proclaimed tomorrow as the U-MOVE day of nonviolence. "We're not interested in a minute of silence. Too many of our kids have already been silenced."

One wonders what they'll resort to once this contemptible gimmick goes the way of the poor old moment of silence. A moment of moderate din, perhaps, just distinguishable from the overall hubbub?

Action, ladies. Action with purpose and action with design. Otherwise all you're doing is whiting David Miller's sepulchre.