Sunday, August 27, 2006

Separated at Birth?

I don't know. 'Spretty uncanny to me ...

One worries a bit about overstepping the bounds of friendship by not only ripping-off a fellow's staple "Separated at Birth" thing, but by involving the man himself in a comparison he would, I think, sooner bury and leave buried. Still. Rather hard to ignore, wouldn't you say?

Kevin protests that he is fat, while Colin Mochrie is thin (which strikes me as desperate grasping at straws masquerading as self-effacement); that he has all of his hair while Mr. Mochrie does not (*cough*); and adds, rather vainly I can't help thinking, the non-sequitur that the picture (taken by one Kevin Steel and originally posted here) makes him look very old. Not good enough, Kevin. If you are fat then Colin Mochrie is also fat. While you may retain most of your hair, the similarity is not in quantity so much as it is in quality: you both have white hair, you see. Prematurely white, I hasten to add, to allay the sensitivities contained within your last item.

This I will say: The Ambler does have a superior sense of humour to his doppelganger.