Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Predicting Warren

The top bar of page two of my dead-tree (loathsome expression) copy of today's National Post informs me that, tomorrow, that paragon of virtue, Warren Kinsella, will tackle the question: "Are blogs the vanity press for the demented or a new way of reporting the news?"

How original ... But, hang on. Didn't Adam Radwanski already write this column about a week ago?

Whatever the case, I'm going to take a wild guess at its content:

Anyone who has ever undertaken to point out that Warren himself fits the first category (I've done so myself, here, for which I received a reprimand from him in a staggeringly spang-on rendition of Orwell's O'Brien), will, I'm thinking, be relegated to the first category. Innocuities--that is: post-Sex Pistols punk rockers, other sentimentalists, correctly aligned partisans, question beggers, and anybody who is pro-Israel (no matter how unlikely)--will be hanging out in the happening, though decidedly late-middle-aged, mosh pit of the second category.

I look forward to being utterly depressed by it, anyway.