Friday, July 22, 2005

The Face that Launched a Thousand "Shit!"s

Dear, oh dear. Link, old boy, I think you might be missing the point--in spite of its sitting there atop Steven Harper's head [entry for July 14th]. The problem isn't that he's wearing a Stetson; it's not that he's dressed like a cowboy ... It's that the poor man looks ridiculous! Far from having a jaunty curve, the brim of the hat can only be described as flaccid. The shirt's too tight, the bolo tie seems to be working more in the capacity of a noose (yes, in both senses), and the black leather vest? His gut's hanging out the bottom of it and it's a black leather vest! I don't expect that Mr. Byfield has been to too many gay pride parades lately, so perhaps he would be surprised to find that the Stampede isn't the only place you're likely to see one of these things. Worn, moreover, by slightly overweight middle-aged men with the exact same expression on their face.

Could it be that the greatest difference between Westerners and the rest of Canada is that they are, apparently, born without eyeballs?