Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Why Christopher Hitchens won't return his calls

Hey, Paul Schneidereit, does the Chronicle Herald really pay you to think this way?
When you believe, absolutely, that God is on your side, and those who criticize you are inspired by the devil, your capacity to rationalize is nearly unlimited.
(Find me the thinking Catholic, Paul, that thinks either of these things and I will eat a pair of your underpants.)

And does the Chronicle Herald really pay you to write this way?
The hierarchy of the Catholic Church, especially the Vatican, represents a closed society whose leaders are accorded tremendous power and prestige. Like all such similar structures in human history, many of those on the inside intent on climbing the ladder to success are willing to protect their positions — and those of their colleagues — from external threats.
Dude: your understanding of this issue is as convoluted as your use of metaphor, as inept as your syntax. Moreover, you really should know that the audience you think you're appealing to has a big, big problem with appearing to be on the same side as idiots. If you're feeling as strongly about the matter as all this jabber vaguely indicates, I suggest--strongly--that you avoid any further discussion of it.