Friday, August 07, 2009

Stuff stupid people like

There was a fire scare in the building the other day. So, not an actual fire in the end, but somebody put a pot on the stove before going out and there was a lot of smoke. So all the rest of us were driven outside by the fire alarm to kick at the pavement and make awkward conversation until the firemen arrived.

The subject quickly turned to who 4D was again, and just where the hell they thought it was that they were living. 6B warmed to this immediately--6B being a woman who is, and I'm not exaggerating here, only just this side of Down's Syndrome. She mocked 4D thus, affecting an Appalachian accent: "Somebuddy left the possum pie in too long, Ma! Dagged if I don't know which way to turn them switches to get 'em to go off."

And it was as though I'd been struck by a thunderbolt! ... I realized, then and there: even trash imagine themselves to be small L liberals now.

That they make a point of staying up late to watch Jon Stewart too!