Thursday, June 26, 2008

Épater la Bourgeoisie?


For the reason that the only people who think it in any way important that they should bother shocking the middle- classes are ... the middle-classes!

So it's fitting that the most self- regarding element in our society will spend this weekend shouting "Boo!" at its own belipsticked reflection.

Vive la banalité!


ADDENDUM (June 27th)

It occurs to me that the "Boo!" here is ambiguous. I meant it in the sense of the sound ghosts are reputed to make, rather than that of disapproving sports fans ... Though, in fact, I think it works both ways--as such displays of disapproval are so desirable to the gruesomely self-righteous.

Also: Vive l'ennui! might've been the better motto.