Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In a thing I wrote a little while back, I suggested that people might not take such an 'open-minded' view of racially segregated schooling if, in the name of choice, someone were to suggest opening white-focussed schools. Regarding this Jay Currie wrote me the following (and which he repeats in essence here):
Ah, but they have in Vancouver. They call them French immersion but they are, in effect, lily white private schools. No Chinese kid's parents are going to let him waste his time learning French so no Chinese kids (or East Indians for that matter) clutter the halls of these bastions of Trudeaupian purity. And, rather quickly, the serious subjects end up being taught in English.

It's a lovely wheeze. The lineups go round the block. But it is not about any sort of racism or anything, just the beau idee (I can't be arsed to find the accent) of cradle to grave bilingualism.
The more I think about this, the more brilliantly insightful I realize that it is (though, perhaps it should read "belle idée"). Well worth some examination along the lines of Liberal Xenophobia: An Uncontroversial Provision for Future Generations of the Elite.