Friday, December 15, 2006

It doesn't bother me if you say Merry Christmas, dumbass!

What do you call this? This I was right even when I was wrong, and you'll always have a pencil-dick anyway argument?

Let me see if I can summarize (self-styled Red Tory--oooh! how very avant-garde!) John Moore's contra-contra-anti-Christmas argument from last Tuesday's National Post:

Okay, meatheads! Nobody ever said you couldn't say Merry Christmas, so shut your idiotic pie-holes! Jeez! You socons are serious wack-jobs! And, anyway, Christmas has never been about Christmas, which just goes to show how ignorant I've always been saying you guys are. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty good reason why nobody should be saying Merry Christmas--but I'll let you say it anyway, if you're that hell-bent on showing everybody with a braincell how friggin' stupid you are ... Oh, and you're anti-Semites!

Likewise, Tony Parsons in The Mirror:

Christmas sucks! Nothing Christmassy ever happens. At my house we just watch James Bond reruns. Who cares?! Why is everybody getting so yutzed about James Bond reruns?! I'm a daddy who loves his daughter. That's more Jesus than anything Jesus ever fucking did! And, anyway, Muslims make better Christians than most Christians do. I like James Bond though, and I like getting drunk--and if you assholes can't realize that that's the true message of Christmas than you're the goddamn pea-brained wankers I've always taken you for! I'm trash, you're trash, we're all trash together! Grow up!

Instances, I think, of vegetarians giving their recipe for steak and kidney pie.