Thursday, June 22, 2006

Western Standard's 'No-Spin Zone'

I can't deny that I like the new Prime Minister. Optics don't concern him the way they did his Liberal predecessors-- particularly the clown Paul Martin. I'm happy when ol' Stephen frowns--because, it seems to me, that on one of those less likely occasions when he smiles, odds are that he is doing so genuinely. A rare enough thing in a politician. But, it's more than that. I like a man who recognizes that there's precious little worth smiling about when you're running a circus.

What I don't like--and it's hardly an original complaint--is fawning journalists. For the same reasons. The hack that produces the sort of glutinous, bootlicking palaver to be found in Kevin Libin's most recent piece in the Western Standard isn't doing his job. Yes, okay, great!--conservatives can rest a little easier knowing that the government is now on their side. But a circus is still a circus: bearded ladies, half-men-half-women, fortune tellers, prestidigitateurs, clowns, tumblers, animal trainers and, of course, animals ... all vying for attention; all trying to get themselves at the top of the bill.

It's ugly and imperfect work for those trying to keep such a rabble at bay. And--lest the manager get carried away with the impression that he himself is the main attraction--it should be thankless work too.